Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Walk Around Aberdyfi

Today is the day that Heather's brother and his girlfriend arrive in Wales for their summer break.

 In preparation for their arrival, we spent all of yesterday getting the Aberdyfi cottage ready, tucking in fresh, clean bedsheets (oooh how I love jumping on them!), vacuuming (I did my part by hiding under the chair), and stocking the fridge with food (I hope they don't mind if they find a fillet of salmon missing! Nom nom.)

We also took a long walk during which this normally rather solitary cat made a number of friends!

Furry Friend Number One!

We encountered this coy kitty as we were descending towards the Dyfi. He came bounding towards us in a friendly manner, but just as I was about to say "meow" in greeting, he scampered off! The cheek! We decided to follow him and see if he would stick around for a picture, and eventually he gave in, and even let Heather tickle his tummy! (Location: Aberdovey hillside

Furry Friend Number Two!

Heather went batty for this handsome, yet rather mousy mog. (Personally, I'm not into toms, but I can admit that he is quite a stud muffin!) We were very lucky to get this picture - he bolted behind a shed just as we clicked the shutter button. (Location: Ynysymaengwyn, Tywyn)

Furry Friend Number Three!

It was love at first sight when I saw this pretty puss! She looks to be a silver tabby. Can anyone confirm this? I asked her out on a date, but you can see the look she gave me. Ah well, on to greener pastures! (Location: Aberdyfi, Wales)

Not -So-Furry Friend Number Four

The instinct within was telling me to pounce on this exquisite specimen, but logic took over, thank goodness. He was almost twice my size! (Location: the Aberdyfi shorefront in Wales)

Hmm, come to think it of, I guess I didn't make many friends per se. Perhaps I'll have more luck over the next few days, as we should be touring around the countryside quite a bit with Heather's brother!


Fuzzy Tales said...

You've made wonderful furry (and feathered) friends! Our mom thinks that grey tom cat is particularly handsome!

Milo and Alfie Marshall said...

Hi Fluffy! We are very pleased to meet yoo! We will back tomorow to read a few past posts ... but mom hasta go cook tea now for dad! xx

Fage said...

My mum actually likes those not so furry creatures!!

Tillie and Georgia said...

We think you made quite a few friends!! It is nice to see so many pretty kitties near your home :) We even like that big Sammy Seagull ;) heehee

Purrs Tillie and Georgia