Tuesday, 19 July 2011

The Cat Has Landed

Well, the cat and the human have officially landed! Heather and I had a deliciously uneventful flight from Toronto to Birmingham, though I have to say that riding in economy class is always an adventure.

In front of us, there was a young couple travelling with their three young kids who, despite their tender age, hardly took a cat nap during the entire flight! I tell you, if I had climbed up the back of the seat and hopped around on my tray table as their little two year old had done, I would have been in my kitty carrier before you could say ‘cat’s cradle’!

It was also interesting that many of the passengers were the same people we had met on our flight over. The highlight was watching Heather do everything in her power to avoid the inebriated 40-something with red hair who had followed her around the airport two weeks before. (Thankfully, she went unnoticed!)

I must admit that it is nice to be back in Wales – I was starting to shed prematurely from the blazing 45 degree Toronto temperatures!

How I wish I could be in fur-st class!

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