Sunday, 31 July 2011

Going to the Chat-pul and we're gunna get Meow-ied!

Ahem, I hope you enjoyed my version of The Dixie Chick's hit! It came to me on the 's-purr' of the moment! =^..^=

As you may have guessed, this post is going to be about a wedding! No no, it wasn't a cat wedding in which a simple exchange of tongue baths is enough to turn molly and tom into bride and groom. It was one of those grandiose human affairs with mountains of food, loads of sitting, people holding little boxes that click and flash, and funny costumes. (I can appreciate the food part, but everything else about the ritual is quite beyond me!)

I was brought along in secret, as Heather knew the wedding would be held in an old oat barn where she figured the possibility of meeting some furry friends was quite high. Sadly, we only saw a wren having a splash around in a birdbath, and a small dog which I craftily avoided by pretending to be Heather's fascinator. (They're all the rage these days, you know!)

However, before the wedding, we did have a very overdue reunion with Toby the Tom, Heather's grandmother's cat. Toby, at the ripe old age of fifteen, is practically a grandfather to me, but has maintained his youth like no other cat I know. He can still spring up onto ten foot tall fences without even twitching a whisker, and often stays out all night on the hunt. He is the one who taught me the art of catching 'nibbly bits' (the humans call it Go Cat?) in mid air, so you can imagine that I have a whole lot of respect for Sir Tobes!

Toby after finishing his nibbly bits!

Heather with Toby a few years ago in Aberdyfi

The wedding itself was quite original. Instead of throwing confetti, we blew soap bubbles. Instead of using a chapel, they bride and groom chose a converted stable. Priority was places on the aperitifs rather than on the main meal. Two wedding cakes were prepared instead of one. It was a marriage ceremony designed completely with the unique tastes of the bride and groom in mind, and it worked out superbly.

The happy couple

Now that we're back home, I'll be spending the next few days recovering from all the excitement. This means 23 hour cat naps with one hour breaks for food, my friends! I've already demanded a brief hiatus from designing greeting cards, but Heather seems to want to get the creative juices flowing again as soon as possible. Sigh, no rest for the wicked these days!

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Fuzzy Tales said...

The mom's not much into weddings, either, is pretty cynical about it all and thinks more attention to should be paid to how one is going to make the marriage work. But having it held in an old barn is very cool, she thinks!

Toby is a handsome fellow and it's wonderful he's still hale and hearty at 15!