Our Friends

I live in an apartment building full of felines. Every single one of our neighbours has a cat.

No joke.

This also means that I have a lot of playmates, most of whom you will see making an appearance on our blog every now and then!

So, let's get down to naming the players!


Taddeo and Ginger

Description: Two feisty teenage cats who live next door to us. You'll see them the most since they are always invading our house, lolling on MY furniture, eating MY treats... Typical teens! Mind you, they do have their cute moments as well, especially when they hold one of their regular wresting matches.



Dorothy a.k.a. Ms. Flurfalicious 

Description: The super fluffy puss lives below us, on the first floor. She knows she's gorgeous, but is fairly modest about her good looks! She always comes up to say hello and ask for head scritches, and is the most talkative female cat I've ever met. Usually, you'll find her snoozing in her basket by her front door, or verbally attacking the cat in the next garden.



Description: We just call her Shadow because we actually don't know her name. She is a mysterious black cat who belongs to the neighbour a few doors down. We often see her wandering around, chasing mice and asking for head rubs, but watch out! If you touch her in the wrong place, she'll lash out! Usually, we tend to keep our distance from this finicky feline. (Picture coming soon!)


Description: This very shy kitty lives two doors down from us. We think she's a calico, but since she never comes out to say hello, it's very hard to tell! Heather will be her "cat-sitter" this coming weekend when her owners go away. Perhaps we'll get to know her better then! (Picture coming soon!)