Saturday, 15 October 2011

Taking a Break

As many of you might have guessed, dear readers, I have been having trouble keeping up this blog, mainly for time and work related reasons. For this reason, I will be taking a break from writing until I find a way to make more time for myself during the day. I am not closing down this blog by any means, as I have grown very fond of the kitty community, but I know I can no longer post as frequently as I did during the summer months.

As someone wise once said, "don't say goodbye, just say so long." That is how I feel about this blog. I wish you all the best and I hope we will meet again on My Friend Fluffy someday soon!

Monday, 10 October 2011

Monday Guest Post - Bosco's Gotcha Day!

This Monday, we have a very special guest poster - my new friend from Australia, Sarah! In this post, she lovingly tells the tale of her cat Bosco's Gotcha Day. Sarah was surprised to learn that "Bosco" actually means "forest" in Italian, since she always thought that her kitty might be part Norwegian Forest Cat! After reading Bosco's story, be sure to stop by her blog. She's a great writer and artist, and volunteers at the Cat's Legacy House!

Bosco the Cat, from Sydney, Australia

by Sarah M.

Bosco came into my life after a long stint without a cat. I hadn't had a cat since I was devastated when my cat didn't come home one day when I was 12 years old. My dad said we'd get another one "in 2 weeks" but we ended up getting a dog instead from a friend whose dog had had puppies. It was a long "2 weeks" without a cat! In fact, it was 10 years... 

I loved my dog but I always wanted a cat as well. Anyway, when I was 22 and it was time for Max (our dog) to be put to sleep, I was devastated. I stayed home while my parents took him to the vet and when they got home I announced I was getting a cat. They didn't argue. I spoke to my friend that night and she told me her aunt's sister's cat had just had kittens that needed homes and I could have one in 6 weeks. Those 6 weeks went so slowly but gave me time to prepare, think of a name and over-excite myself. The night before I was going to pick out a kitten I had eveything I needed except a name. I started looking at the back of old CDs and found a song on the back of one written by one of my favourite Aussie bands called 'Hey Bosco'. 

The next day when I arrived at the aunt's sister's house there were only 3 of 5 kittens left and there were two snuggling on the couch. I picked one of them instantly, a black and white tux kitty, but I was then told he was already taken. Then the sister said "I'll go get the one in wash basket" and out came a little ball of fluff! He looked exactly like a Bosco!

After I realised Bosco wasn't going to be a lap-cat, I thought I probably should've chosen the other cuddly kitten (who looked like Bosco but with short hair) but it didn't take me long to appreciate Bosco for his aloofness, and love those rare occasions even more, when he comes and sits next to me on the couch, or jumps on the bed to sleep at my feet, or makes his "chirp" sound and flips over on his back for a tummy rub. He is six years old now and I couldn't imagine my life without him! 

For more on Bosco and my other fur baby Oliver, visit

Saturday, 8 October 2011

Caturday Cards - Thanksgiving is on the way!

Meows, purrs, and hellos to everyone!

This Caturday, we are rather ashamed to say that we don't have any of our own cards to share! We can mainly put this down to the fact that Heather has been rehired at the nursery school. Say goodbye to those lovely 12 hour days in front of the computer! She now leaves at 7 a.m. and returns home at 8 p.m., meaning almost zero time for drawing and minimal time for commenting and blog posting. It's a hard knock life, but that's how we put food on the table and in the cat bowl. 

Anyway, all we can do is our best. Plus, this gives us the opportunity to share with you some wonderful Thanksgiving/turkey themed cards we have come across on Greeting Card Universe. Thinking about those succulent birds makes me awful hungry!

This amazing card is by the famous Corrie Kuipers! She has a style we both envy and admire! Don't you love the little sign "eat more ham"?

This card really made us giggle. I sure wouldn't want to be a turkey around this time of year! Congratulations to Chuck Ingwersen for coming up with such a neat idea.

It was the idea of a bee in a pilgram's hat that sold us on this card! Another masterpiece by Corrie Kuipers.

And of course, a cat themed Thanksgiving card is absolutely vital! This card is part of a series by Betty Matsumoto-Schuch. She makes cards for all occasions, so be sure to check out her beautiful cat artwork on GCU!

Hope every one of you had a relaxing Caturday! 

Friday, 7 October 2011

Cat News Friday - Cat hair crafts are all the rage!

Stephanie from Catsparella is into it. So, why not the rest of us?

The new fad hitting the cat world is this - making accessories out of cat hair that would have otherwise ended up all over your new furniture and clothes. The fad owes itself to the popular book entitled "Crafting with Cat hair," written by Japanese author Kaori Tsutaya.

In this book, cat lovers can learn how to make finger puppets, cat toys, picture frames, tote bags, and more. All crafts are doable in an hour's time, and are 100% eco and cat friendly!

Perhaps my favourite idea is that of making cat toys out of a cat's own hair. Cat toys fall apart easily, so from both an economical and practical point of view, it makes sense to create cat toys out of a literally inexhaustible product such as cat hair!

Would you make accessories out of your cat's hair?

Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Tuesday with Taddeo and Ginger - Checkin' out the shopping

Taddeo: Ginger! It's Heather, and she's LOADED down with shopping bags!
Ginger: That can only mean one thing. Treats!!

Ginger: *sniff sniff* I sense the presence of...beef...chicken...and...fresh fish!!!

Taddeo: You're leaving the shopping with US, right?!

(As you can see, Taddeo was not at all impressed when Heather told him the groceries were for our supper. Was it really necessary to stick out your tongue at us, little munchkin?)

Monday, 3 October 2011

The Results and Moggy Mewsings on Monday!

First of all, I'd like to say a big thank you to everyone who left a comment! We truly appreciated your thoughts and reflections, and after much consideration, we've decided that we agree with you - the speech bubbles should stay! 

And now...for the winner. Are you ready?

The winner of the October Card for your Cat contest is...

*the suspense is killing me*

Ginger Jasper (GJ) of the Ginger Jasper Blog! Concatulations!

He was commenter number 9, and that was just the number the random generation favoured!

I will be contacting GJ tomorrow with the details about how he can receive his free card. :-)

In the meantime, here is the latest Moggy Mewsings, entitled "Bump Bed" (as opposed to Bunk Bed...tee hee.) Hope you enjoy it!

Saturday, 1 October 2011

Caturday Cards - It's Contest Time!

I'll admit that I've been waiting for this day all month! (What can I say...I just love contests!)

As with the last time that we held our Caturday Cards Contest, the rules are very simple. Just leave a comment with a well-thought-out comment and/or criticism about the card(s) we have posted. We will then randomly choose a comment using a random number generator, and the number we pick will win...

...a free My Friend Fluffy greeting card of their choice!

Last month's winner was the adorable Prancer from Prancer Pie. We wonder who this month's lucky winner will be! 

The contest will run all weekend, from 1 a.m. on Saturday to midnight on Sunday. The winner will be announced on Monday!

So, without further ado, here are the two cards we would like to share! They aren't particularly new additions to our collection, but we have received mixed reviews both about them. For instance, some people have told us that they don't like speech bubbles on cards. What are your feelings? 

Don't ask me what I did with the confiscated catnip!

Despite my reaction, this was the happiest day of my nine lives!

Friday, 30 September 2011

Cat News Friday - "Two-Face" in the World of Cat, not Bat

We're all familiar with the evil villain Two-Face in the Batman series. Fans and experts on the series say that his double expression is not only the physical manifestation of his inner ugliness, but also of the good within. 

Unfortunately, the scarred, deformed side of his face is the aspect which we all notice the most. In short, his physical deformity automatically slots him into the category of "undesirable" or "bad guy."

In the real world, the same sort of discrimination almost ended the life of little "Frank and Louis," the cat with two faces.

Vets were ready to euthanize him when Marty Stevens, his current owner, saved him from his dreadful fate. Now, twelve years later, "Frank and Louis" is still going strong, taking long walks on a leash with his owner, riding in the car, and seeking affection from everyone he meets. 

Two-faced cats are born with a disease called "Janus condition." In most cases, Janus kittens hardly live more than a few days. Frank and Louis proved to be the exception to this rule, and his love for life makes his case all the more extraordinary. 

We are so happy that this special kitty was given a second chance at life. Frank and Louis' case proves to us that appearance isn't everything, and that a strong desire to live and enjoy life is enough to conquer any physical defect! 

Story and images courtesy of: CBS News

Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Tuesday with Theo and Jasmine - Pizza Party

Everyone loves a pizza party, to no exclusion of cats!

A few days ago, we attended just such a party held by our new neighbour, Marcela. She invited us first for an aperitif, which would then be followed by no less than five delicious pizzas from the local pizzeria!

The table filled with aperitifs before the arrival of our pizzas!

As soon as I started to smell the sweet perfume of anchovies wafting out of Heather's pizza box, I knew that it was going to be hard to resist my inner pilfering tendency.

Marcela's cat companion, Theo, it seems, was on the very same wavelength.

I am on the counter becaaause...(okay, think of a good excuse, quick!)

They won't notice that there's one less anchovy on the pizza, now will they?

"Innocence" is my middle name. *smacks lips*

Jasmine, Theo's sister, was slightly more artful than her brother... 

I'm white. The fridge is white. My camouflage strategy is genius!
Cursing codfish, I've been spotted! Time for plan B...

Much to our dismay, after two or three attempts on the anchovy pizza, we were unjustly sent out of the kitchen, into the bedroom. What did they expect?! We were invited to the pizza party too, mew know! 

The delicious smells of pizza continued to penetrate the crack under the bedroom door as we sat and pined for an escape route. I was starting to doubt that this was actually a pizza PARTY. It was more like a torture session!

I can't take it anymore! Even my eyes are starting to glaze over from the hunger!

And then, it happened. Heather appeared out of nowhere and gave us a fat, juicy anchovy each, plus a pat on the head for good measure.

Ahh. I suppose this is where Shakespeare would say "all's well that ends well."

Goodbye, Theo and Jasmine...until the next pizza party! 

Sunday, 25 September 2011

Fluffy's Sunday Award

Sunday is usually our day off, but since we were so fortunate to receive a second award, this time from Hannah and Lucy, we couldn't help but show it off!

We believe the writing translates into "Prize - Brilliant flashes in the blue sky." The award asks you to describe what you wish for most in this world.

What do we wish for, you ask?

Our desire is quite modest, actually. We simply hope that things continue to be as good as they have been for us over the past few months. We live in happy apartment building with lovely neighbours. Our business is slowly taking off. Everyone is healthy. Despite the crisis, we always have food on the table, and a roof over our heads. That is much more than can be said for many people and cats.

As such, we also wish that our happiness could somehow reach those who are currently going through a difficult time.

After all, what better wish is there than a wish that encourages the happiness and well being of others? 

Goodnight everyone, and have a lovely Sunday!

Saturday, 24 September 2011

Caturday Cards - Run off our feet and paws!

All I can say is thank goodness Heather wasn't called back to work this week!

On Tuesday morning, we finally received our cards from the printer. 1500 cards to fold, package and seal. If you want an idea of just how chaotic our dining room looked upon their arrival, take a peek at the picture below...

To speed up the packaging process, last night we created a little assembly line.

Mamma F took on the folding while Heather's boyfriend, Matti, did the packaging. Heather sealed each package with our label, and I sat on top of the envelope boxes, making sure that everyone in the assembly line was being efficient. (It goes without saying that I had the toughest job!) 

Can you believe it's been three days and we're not even half way done? We now have a real appreciation for those who work on assembly lines on a daily basis. 

In other news, our first card stand was put on display on Tuesday at Bianconiglio!

The owner of the shop, H, told us that we have already sold three cards (see below). We can't help but wonder who they'll be going to... :-)


The two cards we would like to share with you this week were inspired by Matti's twelve year old niece Alice, who does professional gymnastics. We hope you like them! Mew!

Alice can do all these things!
This is my little cousin! She hasn't been named yet. Can any of you think of a good name for her? :)

Don't forget that next Caturday is the first Caturday of the month of October. And you know what that means - contest time! It should be fun, so be sure to drop by! =^..^=

Have a great weekend, one and all!

Friday, 23 September 2011

Cat News Friday - Bunny Rescues Newborn Kittens

When newborn kittens suddenly find themselves without a mother, what do they do?

The laws of nature would probably dictate that they didn't have a chance. 

However, sometimes, Mother Nature flips the natural order of things on its head, as in the case of this miraculous story about Miss California, a bunny rabbit who adopted a litter of six 10-day old kittens after their mother was fatally wounded by a gunshot.

It has been a big challenge for Miss California, as her two baby rabbits only need milk once every 10 to 12 hours, while kittens need to be fed every five. When Miss California cannot manage on her own, her owners Dave and Ruth Chamberlain step in and bottle-feed the kittens

According to Dave, Miss California has been unusually protective of her new babies. She will become aggressive if anyone or anything tries to interfere with their feeding time. While cases involving cats nursing baby rabbits have been documented in the past, this is one of the first cases involving a rabbit mother taking care of abandoned kittens. 

The Chamberlain's hope is to find a nursing cat mother who could feed the kittens, or as Dave calls them, "the miracle babies". They are in need of at least another two weeks of breastfeeding before they can start feeding themselves.

And just what are Dave and Ruth planning to do with the little ones once they are independent?

Well, here's the happy end to this already amazing story.

They plan to keep them

Images and story courtesy of CBC:

(Visit the above link to see an adorable video of Miss California feeding the mini moggies!)

Wednesday, 21 September 2011

(Sort of) Wordless Wednesday - Angel Tchai and Thank You to Brian!

Angel Tchai in her favourite hiding place. (Behind the TV set!)

This Wordless Wednesday post had to become a little bit wordy, because we want to say a big thank you to Brian and his furry family for their "You are an Inspiration Award"! The award goes to new(ish) bloggers who have inspired a community - in this case, the cat community! 

We actually don't really know who is new or seasoned in this world of cats we have so happily joined, so I hesitate to give this award specifically to new bloggers. However, there are two writers I do find inspirational!

The first is Beaded Tail. Being small business owners ourselves, we can really appreciate Sharla, her two cats Angel and Isabella, and her dog Sadie and the hard work they put into their beautiful Etsy shop. They always have intriguing and humorous stories to tell, and beautiful places to show us on their walks around the neighbourhood. 

The second is Whisker Messages From A Church Cat written by Father Tom and his mom J.R. Mackenzie. Tom and his mom have a real flair for poetry and verse. There has never been a time that we've visited their blog and haven't laughed! Soon, they will be releasing a book called A Temptation Tale. We can't wait to get our paws on it! 

Have a great Wednesday!

Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Tuesday Travels - Trip to the Cinque Terre

Have you ever seen the film "Only You"? 

It is probably one of my favourite movies, not for the acting or the plot, but for the magnificent shots of the Italian Amalfi Coast, with its sharp cliffs that cut deep into frothy sapphire depths and steep hillside towns whose brilliantly coloured houses recall an artist's palette. 

I remember that the day after I first saw the movie, at the age of 11, I picked up an old shoebox from the basement, cut a hole in the top, and stuck a loo roll tube inside. I dubbed my shoebox the "Let's get Heather to Italy piggy bank". I'm pretty sure the shoebox only ever saw a few pennies, but the idea of one day living in Italy was firmly implanted in my mind with its creation. 

Now that I've been here for three years, the novelty of living in Italy has slightly worn off. However, there are some places that will never lose their charm for me. One of those places is the Cinque Terre National Park. 

Manarolo, the second city on the Sentiero Azzurro

You could almost call the Cinque Terre the little sister of the Amalfi Coast. It is a series of five towns on the Italian Riviera - Riomaggiore, Manarolo, Corniglia, Vernazza, and Monterosso al Mare - all of which are connected by a mountain passage called the "Sentiero Azzurro" that increases in difficulty the further you walk. 

My goals during my two day stay at the Cinque Terre were to complete the 10 km walk, eat a plate of top quality seafood, and photograph as many beautiful things as possible, with Cinque Terre cats being a number one priority, of course!

Riomaggiore on a sunny day

The first stop was Riomaggiore, the town which is linked to Manarolo by the simple "Via Dell'Amore" ("Love Walk"). It is so called because lovers leave locks inscribed with their initials on fences all the way along the path. 

While the Love Walk was easy, I found myself completely unprepared for the scorching sun. There wasn't a cat in sight either, but I didn't mind. The spectacular scenery was enough to keep me busy!

A lock on the fence (Via dell'Amore)

The next stop was Manarolo. I didn't stay long because it was nearly one o'clock and the heat was starting to overwhelm me. Besides, my Bed and Breakfast was in Corniglia, the next town along the line, and I knew that reaching Corniglia was going to be a challenge in itself. Why, you might ask? Well, Corniglia is located on a high hill, and can only be reached by foot via 368 stairs to the top! 

The stairs leading up to Corniglia. So tired!!
By that time, it was starting to get late, so I knew that it was time to grab some dinner and take in the delights of this quaint town. A mouthwatering anchovy pizza, a reddish fruit cocktail, and live jazz music in the town square were three pleasures of that evening I'll never forget!

As I trotted down to the seafront just before bedtime, I also came face to face with the first Italan cat of many that I would encounter. Here she is, giving herself a good scratch!

The first Cinque Terre kitty sighting!
At the crack of dawn the next day, I set off in the direction of Vernazza, feeling like a bona fide hiker with the world at her fingertips. This part of the walk was by far the most beautiful. Having left so early, the air was cool and sweet, and I was able to see the sun rise over the water and towns, its golden rays highlighting every nook and cranny along the coast. 

The sun rising over Corniglia

Arrival in the town of Vernazza after 1.5 hours
of cliff walking
It was well worth the hour and a half of hard walking to get to Vernazza. This town, besides being the most beautiful out of all five towns in the Cinque Terre, was overflowing with furry felines!

A shy moggie who didn't really want anything to do with tourists

A sleeping moggie. Her house overlooks the sea!

A moggie mum in the town centre. She was watching
over her kittens. They disappeared before I could take
a photo of them.

A mancat on a mission, near the Vernazza church.

A sweet moggie hoping that the door will open, and dinner will be announced!
Isn't Vernazza breathtaking? What lucky cats to live in such a place!
Sadly, I have to admit that the last leg of the journey, I completed by train. I would have walked to Riomaggiore by foot, but the sun was already too intense, and I didn't feel comfortable doing an extremely steep two hour walk on my own. I still managed to enjoy the rest of the day, however! I travelled to Porto Venere by boat, ate lobster on the sea front, and bought a beautiful painting for my mum. Before I knew it, the day was drawing to a close, and it was almost time to catch the train home. 

Snoozing moggie in Porto Venere 
A dove showing us the Porto Venere harbour 
My lobster dish! Mmm!
Porto Venere from the boat
The Cinque Terre is the first little piece of Italian coast I've been able to experience so far, and it lived up to every expectation. My dream for 2011 is to finally make it down to the Amalfi coast and follow the path which the characters in Only You followed. If it happens, you'll know about it here first! Thanks for reading!