Saturday, 24 September 2011

Caturday Cards - Run off our feet and paws!

All I can say is thank goodness Heather wasn't called back to work this week!

On Tuesday morning, we finally received our cards from the printer. 1500 cards to fold, package and seal. If you want an idea of just how chaotic our dining room looked upon their arrival, take a peek at the picture below...

To speed up the packaging process, last night we created a little assembly line.

Mamma F took on the folding while Heather's boyfriend, Matti, did the packaging. Heather sealed each package with our label, and I sat on top of the envelope boxes, making sure that everyone in the assembly line was being efficient. (It goes without saying that I had the toughest job!) 

Can you believe it's been three days and we're not even half way done? We now have a real appreciation for those who work on assembly lines on a daily basis. 

In other news, our first card stand was put on display on Tuesday at Bianconiglio!

The owner of the shop, H, told us that we have already sold three cards (see below). We can't help but wonder who they'll be going to... :-)


The two cards we would like to share with you this week were inspired by Matti's twelve year old niece Alice, who does professional gymnastics. We hope you like them! Mew!

Alice can do all these things!
This is my little cousin! She hasn't been named yet. Can any of you think of a good name for her? :)

Don't forget that next Caturday is the first Caturday of the month of October. And you know what that means - contest time! It should be fun, so be sure to drop by! =^..^=

Have a great weekend, one and all!


MoMo said...

We love the gymnast card. Heather is so talented!!!

Concats on the sale of your cards.
1500 is a lot to fold and package. You are doing great work snoopervising. What would they do without you?

Daisy said...

Oh wow, how exciting! It's awesome that you have already sold some from your first display.

I love the gymnastic cats!

Gattina said...

Wow ! what a work ! I gave up cards completely, I only send emails !
Thanks for your comment on Arthur. No he is not old only 9, he starts to eat again after he good a shot against infections. Am I relieved and happy !

Brian said...

Hooray, that is so cool and we all wish you the best. The cards are way cool!

Hannah and Lucy said...

What great cards - we love the pink gymnasts. The hope you do well and get lots of commissions.
Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

Art and Sew Forth said...

These are awesome! And guess what?? I have been a gymnastic coach and judge for years! Love the card! Great news on the shop display, too!

Tamago said...

Ohhh supervising your assembly's the most important job!!
I love the birthday card inspired by Alice, it's is so unique and cute!! Kitty with adorable!!

Milo and Alfie Marshall said...

The cards are beautful.

And your little cousin ~ how about CATrina the ballerina!?