Friday, 2 September 2011

Cat News Friday - Switzerland says OK to execution of cats

Note to readers: This is the first Cat News Friday of hopefully many to come! Our aim is to cover a hot cat related news story and hopefully, spark some discussion. So, without further ado...


If you live in Switzerland, don't allow your cuddly feline companion to roam too far from home. Do so, and a few days later, you might just find yourself filing a lawsuit against your cat's killer. And you wouldn't win. 

In Switzerland, it is perfectly legal to shoot cats, whether they be feral or domestic. A cat that travels more than 180 meters away from its house is, according the Swiss government, a cat that "belongs to no one" and is liable to be targeted. 

In the opinion of the government, reasons to support the shooting of felines are endless. Cats reproduce too many kittens when left free to wander. They spread disease by mating with feral cats. They cover the streets with their excrements. They are a threat to bird, reptiles and other wildlife. The list goes on. 

Not even a petition signed by 13,700 people in June 2011 was enough to convince the government that perhaps, it had crossed the line between practical and barbaric. 

Perhaps supporters of this law don't realise that most cats, when shot, do not instantly die. Many roam for days before passing away due to loss of blood. Those more "fortunate" may survive, but many wind up with mangled limbs. Not even the U.S.A., a country which allows the hunting of wild animals, has been able to eradicate the spread of disease and excessive reproduction among wild cats and dogs. Why should Switzerland have any more success than the United States? 

In Italy, animal protection society 'La Lav's' president Gianluca Felicetti declared that he was "shocked" at Switzerland's decision, and believes that the only way of keeping the animal population under control is through sterilisation and medical treatment. These methods have had great success in Italy - why not in Switzerland? 

Switzerland is so far ahead in technology, education, and human rights, but so far behind in terms of animal rights. Whether the Swiss government itself will come to see the cruelty of its stance towards animlas is yet to be seen.

How are animal rights laws in your country?

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Hannah and Lucy said...

We always thought Switzerland was a good country - they ought to just bring in laws to make sure that feral cats are neutered not condone outright murder.
Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

Fage said...

OMG, this is horrible! Kitties can frolic freely around their neighborhoods without fear of being shot?! :[

And of course, when talking about too many kitties being born, they probably arent going to consider if the cat is spayed or neutered before they take the shot.... so its not even "helping" their cause..


Marg said...

That is horrible. We are surprised also that it is in Switzerland. That is so sad. What is wrong with people.
Hope you have a great day.

BeadedTail said...

OMC! That is absolutely horrible! We had no idea about this and can't believe a government would condone it and that people would actually do it. This just makes us sick to our stomach.

MoMo said...

The is TERRIBLE and barbaric. We really can't shoot anything in the city and suburbia. Besides, not many people have guns, unlike the USA.

Everycat said...

Booooo Hisssss @ Switzerland. Not so sure they are so hot on human rights either, we think that women aren't allowed the vote there still :(

TNR is recognised by the World Health Organisation as the most effective way of controlling feral and stray cat populations and the best way of maintaining the health of cats without homes.

Gerry & Oliver

Everycat said...

In the UK, we have the Animal Welfare Act 2006 and also the EU Directive on Animal Welfare 2007. Acts of cruelty, specific needs of animals for good welfare are all covered. Declawing of cats, devocalising of cats and dogs has always been banned in the UK by the Royal College Of Veterinary Surgeons (governing and licencing body for all vets here) but are now illegal and covered by the above acts. Ear Trimming is also covered and illegal. Tail docking of dogs is now banned from being performed by anyone but vets and the owner has to prove that the poor dog is a real working dog and at risk of tail damage before they can be surgically docked. It's very sad that our farm animals still don't have such detailed protection under law though :(

Gerry & Oliver

Jan's Funny Farm said...

There's a city or state in the US that stirred up a controversy a while back for basically the same thing - giving permission to kill cats. We don't understand such cruelty.

Kwee Cats said...

Oooooooooo, we don't like Switzerland no more!
Boooo to them!
(((hugs))) to you :-)