Sunday, 25 September 2011

Fluffy's Sunday Award

Sunday is usually our day off, but since we were so fortunate to receive a second award, this time from Hannah and Lucy, we couldn't help but show it off!

We believe the writing translates into "Prize - Brilliant flashes in the blue sky." The award asks you to describe what you wish for most in this world.

What do we wish for, you ask?

Our desire is quite modest, actually. We simply hope that things continue to be as good as they have been for us over the past few months. We live in happy apartment building with lovely neighbours. Our business is slowly taking off. Everyone is healthy. Despite the crisis, we always have food on the table, and a roof over our heads. That is much more than can be said for many people and cats.

As such, we also wish that our happiness could somehow reach those who are currently going through a difficult time.

After all, what better wish is there than a wish that encourages the happiness and well being of others? 

Goodnight everyone, and have a lovely Sunday!


Catherine said...

That is indeed a most beautiful wish! I 'second' it. All in favour say "I".... "I".... ;)

Have a cozy Sunday kitties!
xo Catherine

Prancer Pie said...

That is a great wish! Concats on the award! xoxo

MoMo said...

That's such a lovely wish. We hope it would come true and there will be so many more happy people in this world.

The cuddling sleeping kitties are just adorable.

Brian said...

Great award, concatulations! I love your wish, it's purrfect!

The Island Cats said...

What a great wish! You two are so cute together!!

Milo and Alfie Marshall said...

What a lovely wish ~ and that pic is so adorable.

Hannah and Lucy said...

A lovely post wishing happiness for those going through bad times.
Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

Anonymous said...

Your picture is too cute! I wasn't always a cat person. In fact, at one time I would have told you that I didn't like cats at all. That is until my husband and I adopted our first cat as a couple, Nigel. Actually, my blog is a tribute to him. Check it out! (And keep the pictures coming on your blog!) :)