About My Friend Fluffy

Meow! (Or in English terms, "hello"!)

My name is Fluffy the Cat, but my friends just call me Fluffy! I am the *cough*cartoon creation*cough* of artist and cat lover Heather Broster. Together, we travel the world, blog about our adventures, create friendships with cats and humans, and of course, make cute greeting cards featuring yours truly! Heather tells me that I am based on my big sister Bee Gee, who I sadly never got to meet.

Besides the usual things that cats do, such as sleeping, eating and, well, sleeping, I love...

- rolling around in the dirt
- playing hide and seek with Heather when she tries to make the bed up with clean sheets
- receiving belly rubs
- eating flies, though Heather thinks its disgusting (!)

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Fluffy's First and Final Flying Lesson - A GCU pick of the week!We sell our greeting cards through a platform called Greeting Card Universe. All cards are fully customizable and you don't have to be a member to order cards from their website.

A portion from every card sale goes towards Cats Protection, one of the oldest and most well respected cat charities in the UK. Please see below for a more detailed description of this amazing charity!

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Meet Bee Gee

The cat behind the cartoon

Bee Gee is the inspiration behind me, Fluffy the Cat. She was my big sister who passed away in 2009 due to cancer. She was a loveable cat with almost humorous proportions. Her tail was too short for her body, her back legs were far longer than her front legs, and she had a tiny head placed upon a rather blubbery body! Bee Gee was brought into Heather's family as a kitten and lived for thirteen happy years with them, passing the first ten near Toronto, another in Kidderminster, and her final year in Wales. She is sorely missed by everyone.

Meet Tchai

The first cat in the Broster home

Tchaikovsky soon became Tchai when everyone in the family realized that Tchaikovsky would be a mouthful to say. She entered our home as a kitten and soon proved herself to be quite the independent and stubborn feline. Though she had the tendency to gripe and grump, she had a very tender and loving side to her, and would occasionally even concede to a belly rub! Tchai lived with us for twelve years, and sadly passed away from a brain tumour. She will always hold a place in our hearts.

Cats Protection UK

Aiming for "a world where every cat is treated with kindness and an understanding of its needs."

Cats Protection UK is a charitable organization that works towards three main goals:

- the adoption of cats that have been abandoned
- the neutering of cats to prevent unnecessary births
- spreading information about cats and their needs

The organization has been around since 1927 and has become one of the leading animal welfare charities in the United Kingdom.

We chose this charity after our meeting in Aberystwyth with some of the hardworking volunteers from the organization. Their passion and dedication touched our hearts, and we hope that our greeting cards can help them help cats in need.

Meet the Artist Behind the Cat - Heather Broster

People call me 'the crazy cat lady' but I'm much more than that!

Heather and Tchai at ThanksgivingMy name is Heather Broster and as my family knows well, it is hard to keep my hand away from pen and pencil when the mood strikes me! I love to draw, and I find no better inspiration than in cats, the most whimsical and mysterious creatures known to mankind. When I'm not sketching madly in my bedroom, you can find me attempting to play the violin, travelling, teaching children English, blogging, playing with my neighbour's cats, or trying to learn a new language. I've lived in many countries, including Canada, England, Wales, Japan and Italy, and I hope that the list doesn't end there. I love getting to know new people, so don't be shy - just say hi!