Thursday, 21 July 2011

Cats Carolling at Christmas (New Card!)

Today, Heather and I got cat chatting about Christmases long and gone. Believe me, I am not willing the approach of the coldest time of the year, but with the 48 degree heat that has been scorching the Canadian landscape, it is easy for the mind to drift to chillier thoughts!

Perhaps one of the fondest memories was of December 1st – the first day we officially allowed ourselves to start listening to Christmas carols! As a cat, I am not really much of a singer, but the occasional ‘meow’ and ‘purr’ I was always able to contribute!

The idea for these cards sprung from this poignant memory. We’ve made three different versions – we’d love to hear which design you like the best!

1 comment:

Daisy said...

Those are adorable! I like the red and green Merry Christmas on the bottom one, but I like the border on the top one.

On Christmas Eve we get to listen to one song from our Jingle Cats CD!