Monday, 25 July 2011

Cats Protection - The UK's leading feline welfare charity

Just before the family and I walked out of our local Morrison's supermarket today, we had a marvellous encounter with the incredible people at Cats Protection, a UK charity that was established especially to care for forgotten felines. They were selling cards, collars, buttons and more to raise money for the charity, which relies solely on donations from the public. (We, of course, made a paw-fully generous donation!)

What exactly does Cats Protection to do help cats in the UK? Primarily, they set up adoption centres and search out loving homes for their fuzzy residents. And how can YOU become involved? There are many ways - just have a glance below!

The team volunteering for Cats Protection in Aberystwyth

1. Take the road most travelled and donate money. Just £15 can feed a cat for a month. £198 can cover the neutering, microchipping and rehoming of a cat. But even a few pence or cents can make all the difference!

2. Volunteer! This could involve becoming a 'Special Friend', a chauffeur who takes cats to their new homes, a fundraiser, a fosterer, a charity shop volunteer, a helpline operator, or a homing officer. The options are endless!

3. Leave some of your will to Cats Protection. It is thanks to these generous people that the organization is as widespread as it is today. 

4. Adopt a cat from Cats Protection instead of buying one from a pet store. Remember, these abandoned kitties are far more in need of a good home!

And if this isn't enough to convince you, pay a visit to the Cats Protection website and get a deeper  idea of what they're all about!

In other news, we have joined a new blog hop hosted by Two Little Cavaliers, Life with Dogs and Baby Patches! To see the details about how to take part in the blog hop, pay a visit to Baby Patches' very detailed post. How fun it is getting to know so many other cats and their owners!


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