Wednesday, 20 July 2011

The Hunt for the Best Tuna Sandwiches in the World

Cats love Tuna.

If there are any undeniable truths out there, that's one of them. And thus, who better to ask about where to eat some of the most scrumptious tuna sandwiches on the planet...than a cat?

Our journey starts in Southern Ontario, where Heather and I went on holiday this summer. I was reintroduced to of a paw-ful of fabulous tuna-sandwich-selling restaurants and cafes all over the Greater Toronto Area. Below, I've started compiling a small list of them - be sure to check them out! (Believe me, your taste buds won't regret it!)

The Maid's Cottage
205 Main Street South, Newmarket, Ontario, Canada
Phone Number: (905) 954 0202
The Maid's Cottage on Canada Day
I remember when this little cafe first started out years back. It hardly had any clientele at the time, but two things it did always have - exceptional butter tarts and, you guessed it, tuna fish sandwiches. The sandwich has a two inch layer of tuna, mayonnaise, spring onion, pepper and salt served on fluffy, thick slices of bread (white or brown), with any kind of extra topping you desire. You can ask for either a half sandwich with salad or a whole sandwich, if you're particularly peckish.

The ambiance of The Maid's Cottage is also exceptional. It is reminiscent of a British tearoom, with paintings dotting the walls, old fashioned furniture, and quaint decorations on every surface. It is run by sisters Pam and Debbie.

If you want a filling and wholesome tuna sandwich in a charming setting, The Maid's Cottage is your place!

Sheena's Kitchen
357 Main, Schomberg, Ontario, Canada
Phone Number: (905) 939 4640
The outside of Sheena's
Sheena's can be found in the tiny village of Schomberg, just off of Highway 9. It is located in a large converted mill that was divided into two parts. Sheena's is on the left side of the mill while a rather cheesy looking hamburger joint is on the right. (One can imagine that Schomberg's inhabitants are judged by which restaurant they frequent!)

The tuna fish sandwich at Sheena's is quite different from the sandwich at The Maid's Cottage. If The Maid's Cottage sandwich were a runny chocolate cake, Sheena's sandwich would be more like a delicate chocolate pudding. The sandwich is smaller, the bread is much thinner, and the layer of tuna is fine, but we must remember that size isn't everything! The ingredients are all nutritious and the flavour is delectable. They use wholegrain brown bread, and you have the choice of a side soup of salad to go with your sandwich. (As a side note, the soups are incredible as well - the carrot and cheddar soup is a must-try!)

Sheena's has created both an inside and outside eating area, and has attached to the inside an expansive gift shop that sells a variety of hand crafted gift items and Canadian memorabilia. It is good not only for a filling meal, but also for getting your souvenir shopping done! Give it a try the next time you're driving along Highway 9!

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