Thursday, 28 July 2011

Thankful Thursday Blog Hop - July 28th

It's not every day that I find something to be thankful for, but my Thankful Thursday entry was made easy today with the arrival of Heather's "little" brother N and his girlfriend, and the imminent arrival of Heather's  boyfriend M! I am very thankful that we are able to spend so much time together after almost a year apart! (And of course, who could forget that more people equals more belly rubs for the friendly feline!) Here are a few pictures of N with my big sisters in 2002, all those years ago!

Big sister Tchai is looking for an emergency exit!

Bee Gee getting loads of cuddles


Fuzzy Tales said...

Oh, yes, more "beans" means more cuddles and scritches...and maybe even more treats if you're very lucky!

Bad Andy said...

Hiya Fluffy! You got it right - nothing better than family and belly rubs! :)

View From My Pram said...

PepiSmartDog: What lovely family piccies !!! *BeeGee looks like he has a big tummy from all those tummy rubs * BOL !! XXX

Kwee Cats said...

We agree, family is the best!

We wanted to thank you for coming to Pungy's Birthday Party. We are sorry Fluffy could not come. We'll leave some good wishes here along with some (((Hugs))). Thank you!

You guys have a good weekend.

Smokey said...

Family, belly rubs and treats are da best things in life. I lugs dat name Tchai by da way. Purrs

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