Saturday, 8 October 2011

Caturday Cards - Thanksgiving is on the way!

Meows, purrs, and hellos to everyone!

This Caturday, we are rather ashamed to say that we don't have any of our own cards to share! We can mainly put this down to the fact that Heather has been rehired at the nursery school. Say goodbye to those lovely 12 hour days in front of the computer! She now leaves at 7 a.m. and returns home at 8 p.m., meaning almost zero time for drawing and minimal time for commenting and blog posting. It's a hard knock life, but that's how we put food on the table and in the cat bowl. 

Anyway, all we can do is our best. Plus, this gives us the opportunity to share with you some wonderful Thanksgiving/turkey themed cards we have come across on Greeting Card Universe. Thinking about those succulent birds makes me awful hungry!

This amazing card is by the famous Corrie Kuipers! She has a style we both envy and admire! Don't you love the little sign "eat more ham"?

This card really made us giggle. I sure wouldn't want to be a turkey around this time of year! Congratulations to Chuck Ingwersen for coming up with such a neat idea.

It was the idea of a bee in a pilgram's hat that sold us on this card! Another masterpiece by Corrie Kuipers.

And of course, a cat themed Thanksgiving card is absolutely vital! This card is part of a series by Betty Matsumoto-Schuch. She makes cards for all occasions, so be sure to check out her beautiful cat artwork on GCU!

Hope every one of you had a relaxing Caturday! 


Tamago said...

Leaving at 7am and coming back at 8pm...sounds like Heather is very busy! I hope she gets enough rest.
I love these Thanksgiving cards. The stuffed turkey made me laugh :-)
P.S. Thank you for your comment. Wow you lived in Japan for two years! I hope you enjoyed there :-)

BeadedTail said...

That's a very long day for Heather! Hope she still has kitty time!

Those cards are cute and the stuffed one made us giggle too!

Catherine said...

Oh my stars ~ that is a long work day you put in friend! Hope you get some extra long weekends in there!

Love the stuffed turkey card ~ too cute!

Have a good one!
xo Catherine

Prancer Pie said...

These made us giggle. "Eat more ham" hahameow!

MoMo said...

I sure understand the trials of mom having to work late. Mine is going to have to work out of town next week. :((((

Happy Thanksgiving!

Milo and Alfie Marshall said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you all. xx

meowmeowmans said...

Sorry to hear Heather's been working such long hours! We sure hope she's getting enough sleep and kitty time). Happy Thanksgiving to you!

Sarah said...

These are all very cute cards! Sux to be at work though doesn't it haha. Good luck with it!

Atif said...

All cards are very cute and look absolutely delicious...

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