Friday, 26 August 2011

Upcoming Card Series/Taddeo and Ginger's Visit

Lately, Heather's been working on a new card series which she says, to my everlasting indignation, does not feature me as the main character! This secret series is to be released in late October, and will coincide with My Friend Fluffy's first ever Card Contest. She asked for my opinion on her newest design, but feeling a bit shunned, I left the judging to Taddeo. (I've forgiven her now, but the next series better be dedicated completely to moi!)

Hmm, I likez the fact that the hoomans lets his cats sleep on his desk!
She also asked Taddeo's big sisfur Ginger for her two cents, but Ginger seemed more interested in knocking all the knickknacks off of Heather's shelf than judging her artwork. 

What? I didn't do nuffin'!
We'll be talking more about the Card Contest later on in September, but in the meantime, enjoy these other pictures we took during Taddeo and Ginger's Friday afternoon visit!

I iz stickin' to the cooold floor. How else can a cat escape the heat?
We iz practising the art of mimicking! 

Taddeo: You iz goin' down, Ginger!!


Ooo we needz a time out!

Taddeo: Oh noez! I killed Ginger?!
Ginger: (Tee hee hee...)


Hannah and Lucy said...

Don't you find it too hot to have a tussle? We did enjoy the action shots.
Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

Father Tom said...

Taddeo and Ginger: Tsk, tsk, tsk!! Ginger is just getting a well-deserved cool off on the tiled floor and Taddeo is acting innocent. So very cute!

Thanks for your thoughts and caring on our blog today.

Tom & Julie

Kwee Cats said...

You guys are so cute! We love seeing you. We really love the not doing nuffin look ;-)

Athena said...

That looked like the beginnings of quite a tussle!

Willow said...

Gracie that is a wonderfully innocent look with the knick-knacks. That was top tussling.