Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Moseying Around Machynlleth

Machynlleth - try saying that ten times fast! Though trying to say the name may cause unwanted furballs, the town, located in the north of Wales, is actually quite charming!

"Mach", as it is colloquially called, is well known for it's Wednesday Market which has been held every week for - get this - the past 700 years! It's other claim to fame is the Royal House, the oldest standing structure from the middle ages in the town. It was used as both a prison for Dafydd Gam, who attempted to assassin the famous Welsh ruler Owain Glyndwr, as well as a hotel for Charles the first. Today, it is the home to one of the best tearooms in the county.

The Royal House - Photo courtesy of www.findsomewhere.co.uk
Our day started with a visit to this lovely tearoom. This hungry cat ordered a gourmet platter of Welsh ham, while the humans fell victim to melted cheese on homemade toast. (The term "grilled cheese" just doesn't do justice to the Royal house recipe!)

We were all amused to see that, on the wall, someone from the Middle Ages had etched a picture of a lion onto the original wooden wall. Nothing beats graffiti from the 1300's, my furriends, especially that which features a cat!

To walk off our food, we then took a trot along one of the town's side streets. It was there that I was confronted with a vision of beauty - a long-haired, brown and auburn puss with a doll-like face and gentle manner. 

Mew? Can we be friends?
Mmm head rubs! Jealous, Fluffy?
Muuu Fluffy, I got the head rubs and you didn't!
Do you like my funny faces?
Alright, enough funny. I can be serious.
I can smell... Royal House cheese on toast!!
Alas... it was not to be. She apparently already has a long-term boyfurriend in Dolgellau (another mouthful!). Will this cat ever have any luck in the love department?? 


BeadedTail said...

We don't even know how to say those names slowly but it looks like a great place to visit! Everything over here in the U.S. is so new compared to 700 years old! The cheese sandwich sounds yummy and the kitty is very pretty!

Willow said...

Do not feel bad she might have a beau, but love and relationships can bloom overnight on the cat blogosphere.

Milo and Alfie Marshall said...

Mom said she would love to try the toasted cheese melt ~ and we love that cat!

BTW ~ your comment "sign in" seems to have changed and we now struggle to leave comments. It keeps tlling us we are "not authorised" to comment. We don't ven know if this comment will be allowed. If it doesn't allow us today we may hafta give up trying ~ which is a pity.

Fluffy and Heather said...

That is so strange. I know I encounter that problem on some other blogs I visit, but usually if I reload the page, it allows me to post a comment on the second try. Has anyone else experienced this problem?

Anonymous said...